Kshitij Marwah currently heads the MIT Media Lab India Initiative. He is a graduate from the MIT Media Lab, researcher at the MIT Computer Science and Artificial Intelligence Laboratory and research affiliate at the Harvard Medical School.

He is working on spreading the movement of anti-disciplinary learning, hands-on creation and design thinking all across India through the MIT Media Lab India Initiative. He leads the Design Innovation Workshop Series and founded DIy workshop to provide platform for diverse communities including designers, artists, engineers, scientists and many more to come together and innovate, creating our future leaders and entrepreneurs.

He works on inventing and building new technologies in the space of photography and imaging systems, novel interaction paradigms, big data and machine learning. His recent inventions include TESSERACT - a new form of camera technology for your smartphone including post-capture refocusing, 3D "Instagram-like" filters and much more, FOCII - convert any SLR camera to refocus after you have taken a picture, SCALED REALITY - interaction paradigm to augment information on tangibles, VISIONBLOCKS - a visual programming language for building applications using cameras, AMMO - tera scale machine learning to integrate and predict on bio-medical information and dBABEL - interface for programming language interoperability in distributed computing environments.

Before MIT, he did his undergraduate studies at the Indian Institute of Technology, Delhi with his thesis jointly at MIT CSAIL and Harvard University. He was also a visiting researcher at Stanford University and has worked with Google to create the next prodigy application in collaborative sharing and IBM on hyper-speech Internet for the masses.

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