Holoboard : Holographic Augmented Reality Interface For Your Smartphone

If you look at the world around us, everybody is always looking down into their phones - chatting, texting, browsing the internet etc.

We imagine a world where nobody has to look down, but are actually "Looking Up". To enable such kind of interaction, we made Holoboard - world's first holographic headset that works with your smartphone.

You can just slide the phone inside the Augmented Reality headset and suddenly you can experience Holograms floating all around you! On your desk, on your sofa and even on your mom's head. We believe this interaction paradigm will enable a new set of experiences not possible currently with a smartphone.

Imagine Skyping with your friends, but whose real-life like Avatar is right infront of you (remember Star-Wars and Yoda), or next time when you want to buy a sofa online - just see its holographic version in your living room, or converting your bed room into a World of Wars gaming arena.

All this and more is possible with Holoboard!