MIT Media Lab India Initiative

At the MIT Media Lab India Initiative, our goal was to spread a remodeled self organized design and innovation paradigm all across the country.

Spear-heading the initiative from 2012 - 2016, we wanted to inculcate the principles of Learning By Doing, Practice Over Theory, Access and Exposure to the best of Innovations and Mentorship to students in India. Our idea was not only to target specific individuals but to create a sand-box of inter-disciplinary learning by merging fields like architecture, design, engineering, arts - most of whom do not communicate with each other.

Starting with a small workshop of 50 participants, over 5 years we grew the MIT Media Lab India program to a community of 20,000 + Design Innovators across the country. Numerous innovations got commercialized through startups, students won various international awards but most importantly led a change of thinking not seen before!

K. Marwah, A Model for Self-Organized Design Education ,Industrial Design Society of America, Boston 2012