Quark 360/VR : Capture Holographic Experiences With Your Smartphone

As humans we have always had the need to be connected with each other. Being social is one of the traits that has made us the most dominant species on the planet.

In the last century, rapid advances have been made by us to connect with each other - be it the invention of the telephone, telegram subsequently leading to the smartphone - and now we all communicate with each other through video, photos and text.

But still all these mediums have one important part missing - the feeling of "PRESENCE".
Presence means having the effect of somebody being right infront of you but even though they are geographically far apart.

To solve that, we designed Quark, a new product that can connect you to your loved ones with the feeling of right being there. You can live stream, capture or share your daily moments and when you re-visit them later you will feel as if you were back in the past - reliving them as they were!