Scaled Reality: Interfaces For Augmenting Information On Tangibles

Imagine one clicking a photo of the eiffel tower. A camera takes the massive reality of the eiffel tower, one we can never comprehend and reduces it to a picture that we can understand. Scaled Reality is a new interaction paradigm with a set of interfaces to distort, deform and resize our comprehensible spatial world to help us augment and visualize information on physical objects that cannot be accessed otherwise due to their size or orientation.

We introduce three interfaces: a mirrored table top, a see through lens system and a L-shaped display to scale, view and manipulate object forms in novel ways . As a proof-of-concept application, we show augmentation and retrieval of information tagged onto tangibles with a relatively microscopic form factor.

K. Marwah and A. Lee, Scaled Reality: Interfaces for Augmenting Information on Small-scale Tangible Objects, ACM CHI, Paris 2013