SCLIP: Cross Language Communication Using Social Networks

Bioinformatics is a highly interdisciplinary field. Generally, researchers in this field specialize in their own language and work with vast libraries in their own community. Thus, collaborative project management in bioinformatics becomes a very complex process involving sharing of code functionalities amongst these users and developers.

Social networks can serve as the bridge to allow effective collaborations among researchers. Here we present a framework to allow for real-time communication between different languages over a web-based interface using social networks to facilitate seamless collaborations amongst researchers.

The result is SCLIP : Web-based Framework For Cross-Language Communication Using Social Networks.

The software can be downloaded from .

K. Marwah, A. Aggarwal, M. Ramoni and G. Alterovitz, SCLIP: Empowering Real-time Bioinformatics Collaborations via Social Networks, Pacific Symposium of Biocomputing, Hawaii, 2010